There's always something new to learn about fencing! Luckily, many knowledgable fencers, historians and humorists are eager to share their insights into our sport. We've listed some of our favorite resources here.

Salle DeCesare Documents

Maestro John's classic precis — written and drawn in his own hand — has been successfully introducing new fencers to the basic moves for over forty years! Coach Greg, the assistant instructors, and other advanced fencers have developed additional useful handouts to accompany John's core document.

  • Maestro John's Precis (PDF) (9 pages)
  • Foil Right-of-Way Quick Guide (PDF) (1 page)
  • Counterparries Overview (PDF) (3 pages)
Parry-Riposte Drill


Confirm a rule, register for a competition, or just find a laugh on the other end of these handy links:


We've heard that northern California has the most fencers per capita west of the Mississippi! Check out the Bay Area Fencing Clubs List, or these specific gatherings of fun people with pointy sticks:


When possible, it's best to try on jackets and other gear before purchasing, to be sure they will fit. Here are some local Bay Area fencing stores that you can visit in person:

Victory Fencing Gear is run by Cole Harkness, a former student of Maestro John and a friend of the Salle; Cole offers top-quality goods, excellent advice, and friendly service. American Fencers Supply also carries top-notch products. Alliance Fencing Equipment used to be called Athos.

Many other wonderful vendors worldwide sell fencing equipment, apparel, and accessories online. Here are a few:

And if you'd like to show off your Salle DeCesare spirit, check out our Cafe Press shop for T-shirts, mousepads, mugs and more!