En garde. Ready. Fence!

Salle DeCesare is an informal, non-profit association of fun-loving fencers. We continue the instructional tradition of Maestro John DeCesare in the San Francisco Bay Area. We strive to share our passions for good fencing, good humor, and good friends.

DeCesare Crest"Have fun!" Coach Greg Chow says. "If you're not having fun, don't do it."

Salle activities center on the FUHSD Adult School classes taught by Coach Greg, who succeeded Maestro John as instructor in 2010, after over 2 decades as John's assistant. Before COVID, classes were on Wednesday nights in the dance studio at Monta Vista High School.

We're also a highly social bunch! Before COVID, we gathered casually for summer fencing in the park, the Northern California Renaissance Faire, Jake's of Sunnyvale, and other activities.

From novice to competitive, fun-loving fencers may find a home with Salle DeCesare!

Maestro John, deceased

Maestro John passed away on February 16, 2017.

Over 30 of his students met and raised a glass the following Thursday at 7 PM, the traditional day and time of John's advanced fencing class.

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Where to find us (COVID-19)

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We fenced outdoors in Serra Park well into the winter of 2020, with cloth masks and social distance.

With an eye on the country health order, we look forward to returning to the park as soon as it's safe.

"Bevitori con una Problema di Scherma"