Footwork Lunge

Coach Greg teaches "Fencing for Fitness" in the Community Interest Department of the Adult School program of the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD). Fencing exercises all the body's muscles, while providing a fun way to relieve stress and aggression! (In 2005, Maestro John said, "The person behind the mask can be anybody you'd like them to be. You may be even with 10 people at the end of the day — including the guy who gave you a parking ticket.") Train for strength, balance and aerobic exertion, all in one classic sport!

A typical class session begins with footwork, progresses to drills, and ends in bouting.

Beginning fencers use standard foils. Intermediate and advanced fencers may use electric equipment and all 3 weapons.

Epee Bout


Jackets, masks, and standard foils are available for students to borrow. The materials fee goes toward cleaning and replacing this equipment. Each student must provide any other desired gear. Gloves and protective cups are highly recommended.

Tip: Gardening gloves are an economical alternative to fencing gloves!


We recommend long pants, T-shirts and athletic shoes. Some intermediate and advanced fencers wear the traditional uniform of white knickers and knee-high socks.

Tip: High-heeled shoes are admired, but please don't expect to fence in them!


We have no fencing classes at this time because of COVID-19. We look forward to 2021! Here's info from the last class session before COVID:

Use a credit card to register online with the FUHSD Adult School program. (Community Interest > Health & Fitness > Fencing for Fitness.)

Session Title Day Sessions Level Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Fee
Fencing for Fitness Wed 8 Beginning 3/25/20 5/20/20 6:30 8:00 $145.00
Int. & Adv. 8:00 9:30

You can also register in person at the FUHSD Adult School office, or call the office at 1-408-522-2700.


We have no fencing classes at this time because of COVID-19. We look forward to 2021! Here's info from the last class session before COVID:

For the 2020 Spring classes, you'll find us at:

  • Monta Vista High School
    • 21840 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA 95014
    • Dance Studio (D109)
    • on the east side of the campus, between the Staff Parking Lot and Field House
  • Google Maps
Old Swords


Each quarter, the beginning class kicks off with a brief history of fencing and a look at some fascinating, old-fashioned weapons. Then we progressively introduce core footwork moves, point control, and basic parries. Soon, we're on to the foil right-of-way rules and bouts! Often, the beginning class ends on an exciting note when students get to try electric scoring equipment for the first time.

Intermediate & Advanced

As in the beginning class, every intermediate/advanced session begins with a collective footwork warm-up. After footwork, many advanced fencers peel off for electric bouting, while the intermediate fencers study technique through drills. Toward the end of a session, the intermediate fencers may join the advanced group on the electric strips, or they may enjoy standard bouts, either directed or "round robin" style.

Foil is our official instructional focus in all classes. But advanced fencers are often delighted to introduce intermediate fencers to the épée and saber (more opponents for them!).

Fisheye View of Class Salute